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Posted on: March 19th, 2013 by

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  1. Doug & Pat Duggar had this to say about that:

    Love your website & u-tube pics. Keep them coming & be sure to draw plans on your ideas so old folks like us & buy them & continue our hobby.

  2. Liz Ridings had this to say about that:

    Dear Sir
    Enjoyed your web site and the report on the Missouri Dexter BREEDERS Association Show and sale. We had 3 heifers in this sale. The prices were lower than usual this year 2016. As you could probable tell the ADCA reg. cattle sell for higher prices that un registered. I would urge you to start registering your heifers as you will get higher prices for them. Good luck on you endeavors with you farm. Dexters are wonderful cattle. We also have a farm, small one, and raise our own hay. We are in Missouri just south of St Louis
    Liz Ridings
    Ridings Farm

    • JL had this to say about that:

      This was the first MDBA sale I have been to so I couldn’t judge if prices were up or down. I plan on going there next year and maybe selling there the following year depending on how hard I find halter training. I am in the process of registering my cattle and will have 1/3 of my cows registered next year. I will probably move slowly to half my herd being registered. Thanks for your input, always good to hear from a fellow Missourian who is also a small farmer.

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