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Lewis Family Farm

Macon Missouri

Dexter Cattle

Sold Cattle have their listings removed the day of the sale. If they are listed here there still available.

All my cattle are grass-fed. No grain supplementation, only forage hay and mineral.

 All registered cattle are registered with the ADCA. Visit the Dexter Cattle Page to see pictures of these calves parents as well as the entire Lewis herd. Un-weaned calves can be held for $100 down until weaned. Delivery is available for $1.50 a loaded mile from Macon Missouri. If you have questions feel free to call, first time buyers are welcome. To be put on a notification list when more cattle are available just contact me through the Contact Us Page. Date that the picture was taken is usually displayed underneath the picture for reference.



$575 #33 Maxwell

$575 #33 Maxwell 9-13-17

#33 Maxwell

#33 Maxwell 9-13-17

#33 Maxwell

#33 Maxwell 9-13-17


#32 Conner $550 was born 3-5-17. Conner is a steer and is the son of #12 Kansas Girl and Arod. His mother is 1/4 miniature Hereford and Dexter. Conner has a nice build and will make a great steer.

#32 Conner the Steer $550

#32 Conner the Steer $550 8-31-17

#32 Conner

#32 Conner 8-31-17

#32 Conner

#32 Conner 8-31-17

We also have hay for sale.

We have several hundred square bales of hay available every year. We have Brome and mixed grass hay. We ask $3.50 in the barn or $3 a bale from the field. We also have square bales of wheat straw for $3.50 a bale.


LFF Hay Bales

2nd Cutting Brome Hay

2nd Cutting Brome Hay



Smoke Signals Popcorn

Smoke Signals Popcorn

Click to Buy Smoke Signals popcorn

Our Field of Buckwheat

Our Field of Buckwheat

Click to Buy Buckwheat

I Sell Daisy 880 Parts

I Sell Daisy 880 Parts

Click to Buy Daisy 880 Parts


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18 Responses to For Sale

  1. Daniel had this to say about that:

    I saw your chicken tractor and want to make one. You mentioned in the video that the plans are on your site in the chicken section. Would you please direct me to them?

    Thank you for making that video and sharing what you did. It’s much appreciated here.

  2. Dan had this to say about that:

    Just curious; have you ever considered selling a “Kit” for making the 55Gal cattle waterer? I’ve got the big blue drum…just need the auto float valve and tubing to connect to standard garden hose.

    If so, what would the cost be?
    No pressure, just asking!

    • JL had this to say about that:

      I have not, but I sent you a materials list by email. Thanks,

      • Thomas Chabi had this to say about that:

        Good morning. My name is Thomas from Virginia building a chicken coop for a friend she had 3 chickens and 6 ducks. Could you please email me a copy of your material list for the chicken tractor please. Thank you very much.

        Have a great day.

  3. Tony amrine had this to say about that:

    Do you sell the coops as well ? And I am going to try out your bucket watering system. My phone number is 503-410-xxxx

    Sincerely, Tony Amrine

    • JL had this to say about that:

      Tony I don’t sell coops but thanks for checking. I removed your number from your post, as it appears publicly when you comment. Thanks,

  4. Tony amrine had this to say about that:

    Had to buy it on eBay couldn’t get it on your page

  5. Kelly had this to say about that:

    Hi There! Great website and very informative. I’m looking for a Dexter heifer, would you be feeling one or know of anyone doing so? Also would be interested in a few Buff Orpington chicks as well.

    • JL had this to say about that:

      Sorry I will not have any good heifers for sale until after 2020 as I am building my herd and keeping them. I do know of a farm in Chillicothe that will have heifers next fall, if interested just contact me through the contact me page and I will relay his phone number.

      We sold our purebred buffs but will have the following chicks available this spring:
      Lewis Mix $2
      Easter Eggers $2
      Black Jersey Giants $3
      Welsummers $2
      Rhode Island Reds $2
      Wheaten Penedesenca $4
      Muscovy Ducklings $4
      Khaki Campbell Duckling $2-$3
      Guineas $4

      Prices are per chick straight run.

      • Daniel Bush had this to say about that:

        I would very much like to get some Wheaten Penedesenca. I have been looking for these a very long time.
        Can you ship? I would take up to a dozen or more if they are available. I will also add some Welsummers if you need to add more chicks for shipping.
        You can contact me at 903-227-xxxx or

  6. Kelly had this to say about that:

    Did not mean “feeling”, darn spell check! Meant selling

  7. Sheila had this to say about that:

    Hello. I really like your chicken tractor caltavater to go in between the garden rows. Do you have a material list that goes with this. Thank you very much

  8. al brenk had this to say about that:

    Howdy,my name is Al Brenk and i sent you back a 880 buffer part that was the wrong size.I dont want a refund for the one i sent back but would like to see if you have the same size as my old one i sent with the new.Thanks and please contact me at any time

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