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We are a small family farm striving towards self sufficiency in northeast Missouri. We are working on producing natural grass fed beef and dairy products with our small herd of Dexter cattle. We also keep a large flock of free range chickens for eggs and meat as well as other critters. We have a large garden as well as some very small scale row crops. We have a lot more planned for the future.

Dexter Heifer Calf

For several years we have hauled antique equipment back to our place to be used on our farm. Most people visit an antique store for decorations and such, we visit one for parts and supplies. Most of the farming implements we use are from the 50’s and 60’s before farms started to grow in acreage. These smaller implements and equipment are perfect for our small farm. By looking for good deals we now have all the equipment we need for working our land. We spent less for all this equipment than the average price of a used compact tractor. There are a few holes left, but there is always something that will make a job easier.

We started our small farm with a 1952 Ford 8N as our only tractor. Our little Ford does everything from cutting and baling hay to pulling our AC 72 pull behind combine to harvest our crops. It has been a faithful work horse.


As our farm grew we added another small Ford tractor to our lineup to help with some of the heavy work. After looking at several tractors the best deal we found was on a Ford 861 diesel Powermaster.



We have a large garden and practice canning and drying. We focus on heirloom plants and seed saving. We are always trying to find the best suited plants for us and our area. We have planted many nut and fruit trees and continue to add more every year.

To see what we are currently working on or are planning in the future see our blog pages.


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The Lewis Family Farm members:


Fuji July 2010 025

Grandpas farm 197



Watkins Mill 016




vals camera 3-2013 159 DSCF2516


Our Farm

Farm Ariel

Our Farm is located down a dead end road surrounded by woodland and fields. The road ends at our farm, and no roads border our property. An awesome Grandpalocation, but still just a mile and a half off a major highway. We think it is a peace of paradise in the great state of Missouri.

Grandpa Building ShopOur farm is a part of my Grandpa’s 210 acre farm which he farmed in the 70’s and 80’s. While we didn’t inherit the place, it is still a neat link to our families past. My grandpa sold his farm in the late 80’s and moved to Kansas. Many of the Pondnice features of this property were built by my grandpa. The shop and grain bin were built by him, as well as the big and small ponds. The house is a little older and was built around the turn of the last century.

Stream A wet weather stream cuts through the middle of our farm, and is a nice place to take a walk or escape the Streamheat in summer. Surrounding this stream are mature trees consisting mostly of hickory with some oak as well as other species. On the south end of our property is a large flat field providing nice pasture and farm ground.


Large Field:


Grandpa's Farm Clear Zoom Out Highlighted


17 Responses to About Lewis Family Farm

  1. Daniel had this to say about that:

    How many acres do you have?

  2. Hank Wacker had this to say about that:

    My hat is off to you sir. I was born and raised on an 80 acre farm in Ohio and seeing you making a go of small family farming brings back many memories. Had a 8N as well as a Farmal H. Had dairy (28) Holsteins , all the crops were to feed them. I enjoyed you video of combining . We used the Ford to pull an Oliver combine. As in your video, how many times was the wind in the wrong direction, blowing chaf back on you, hated that, 90 degrees, sweeting and chaf covered.
    Again, enjoyed you post / web site. God bless your efforts to bring your family up on this farm. There isn’t a better way to briny up children than on a farm.

  3. Randy and Kathy Kelley had this to say about that:

    I see that you have photos of Laclede. Is your farm nearby? I grew up in Laclede with my 3 brothers. We lived just across the street from the Methodist parsonage, in a very large two story house (which was sold, torn down, and replaced with a ranch-style when we moved to Kansas. Our shared barn was located to the east of the house, almost directly across from the NW farthest door of the church. My grandparents owned a 6 acre place west of the old school building – probably the 2nd. or 3rd. house coming in to town on that street. The out-buildings are gone, but the house remains and now has an enclosed front porch. I recall shelling corn with my grandpa, using an old hand crank sheller. Laclede will always be home to me, and I miss it to this day!

    • JL had this to say about that:

      We live about 40 miles from Laclede. I take pictures of many small towns while passing through. I have an interest in old buildings and such.

  4. wes had this to say about that:

    How many acres do you have? I enjoy reading your website.

  5. Thomas Pfau had this to say about that:

    Cool verry cool
    Remember me this for my girlfriends man farm At greace.
    Hes die ing 6 month agou take care for Tod much work.

    Great famaly

  6. Michelle had this to say about that:

    I will soon be digging through old photographs of grandpa’s place. It would be an honor if you included them on your family farm website. I got to be a kid on that place and have some great memories to share. Oh lunch here on our 11 acres yesterday was fresh bass, garden zucchini and beets, strawberries and blueberries from our plants, and mint infused iced water. Fresh eggs from the coop went into the cornbread :)
    Planning to start our tractor coop as soon as we have the extra money Looking forward to removing the current immobile coop. Let the kids use the old lumber for a fort.

    • JL had this to say about that:

      I would love to see and post the pictures you have. I have been scanning many old photo’s from our family so they can be saved. Good luck on your tractor and send some pics my way when you get it done Michelle.


  7. kathy had this to say about that:

    Love reading your blog! So much useful information here.
    Kathy Allison

  8. Abe Gray had this to say about that:

    Can you tell me where you’re located? My wife and I just bought 200 acres near New London, MO.

  9. ВалокТамбов had this to say about that:

    RE:About Lewis Family Farm – Lewis Family Farm Валок salford Котово

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